Tokyo Tribe (2014) 18+

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Tokyo Tribe (2014) 18+

Director: Shion Sono
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Actors: Tomoko Karina, Akihiro Kitamura, Hiroko Yashiki, Shôta Sometani
Writer: Santa Inoue (manga), Shion Sono (screenplay)
Year: 2014
Runtime: 116 min
imdb Rating: 6.8/10 (theo IMDb)
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese


In near-future Tokyo, young people dominate the city as members of warring urban clans called “tribes”. Mera, leader of Bukuro WU-RONZ, becomes involved in a major conflict with rival tribe Musashino Saru which leaves their leader Tera dead. This incident eventually leads to a violent conflict between Mera and Musashino Saru member Kai Deguchi …